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What is the difference between skin lightening, brightening, and radiance?
“Lightening” products transforms your natural skin tone to a shade, two or more with regular use. It will also address the superficial melanin in your skin, while helping to prevent more melanin from forming. Our lightening skin products can help restore your skin to look more youthful, healthy, and vibrant. It will gently and safely lighten your overall skin tone. Our “Clear Quick” brand collection can help you achieve that goal. “Brightening” is a general overall even skin tone. Our brightening products includes the most intensive melanin reducing ingredients that can shift your natural skin tone by as much as 4 to 5 shades brighter. The most effective brightening product is our “Xtreme Brite” brand collection, which can help you achieve the look you love. “Radiance” is your skin’s youthful glow. Our Perfecting Britener brand is an ultimate repairing brand. It is a highly nutritious formula aimed at repairing and nourishing the skin. It repairs damaged and chemically abused skin. It instantly boost skin’s radiance and renew texture within 4 weeks to a perfect lighter and brighter complexion.
You have alot of products, how do i choose?
(1) Determine what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to have your skin look more radiant, lighter, brighter or maintain your present complexion with a glow. (2) For radiance – we recommend the Perfecting Britener lotion along with the Perfecting Britener cream 50g tube. (3) For a lighter complexion – we recommend the Xtreme lotion along with the Xtreme Brite cream 50g tube. (4) For a brighter complexion – we recommend the Xtreme lotion along with the Xtreme Brite gel 30g tube. (5) For maintenance and glow – we recommend the Clear Quick lotion with the Xtreme Brite serum 60ml. (6) For a firmer and even skin tone – we recommend the Perfecting Britener 200ml Firming and Brightening cream jar along with any of our serums.
How long will it take before i see results?
(1) In most cases, you will start to see more even, brighter tone in just a few days. Within a few weeks, your skin will dramatically improve. (2) Start with the most effective products. Xtreme Brite brand collection formulas contain the most effective lightening ingredients. (3) Use products in combination. Our exfoliating soaps contains exfoliating agents that helps prepare the skin for the lightening products. Our exclusive complete packages can help set you on the right path. (4) Be diligent. Apply the products twice daily, morning and evening, on a thoroughly cleansed skin.
Can men use this products?
Yes, men can and do. We recommend for a natural and clearer complexion, that they use any of the exfoliating soap and our Xtreme Radiance cocoa butter lotion.
I am pregnant can i use your products?
Yes you can, but we advise you to limit yourself to using any of our exfoliating soaps and the Clear Quick lotion, Xtreme Brite Radiance Cocoa Butter lotion or the Firming and Brightening Cream 200ml jar.
Can XtremeBrite products be used with any other products outside its kind?
NO. Xtreme Brite can only be used with any of its sister brands, which are Perfecting Britener products and or Clear Quick products.
Can i stop when i get the color i want?
No. Skin lightening is a commitment —just like coloring your hair. Skin is alive, and it will constantly try to reset to its natural color if you don’t maintain your regimen. So we advise you maintain with any of the exfoliating soap and lotion of what you are currently using.
How long is it safe to use your products?
Our products are very safe. If you start off intensively to get quicker, faster results, you may want to go to a gentler maintenance level product at some point, which is the Clear Quick brand. Which is a nutritive product that will enhance your skin for years and years of use.